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Services We Offer


RJC Benefits has a niche focus in sourcing and procuring group Life and Disability contracts uniquely designed to employer specifications.  Traditional methods of “shopping the market” are fast becoming outdated and are consistently proven unsuccessful in obtaining the most competitive contract provisions.  RJC Benefits operates a trademarked 5 step process designed to custom build contracts and procure the most competitively priced program from highly rated insurance companies.  Leveraging our process empowers you to purchase on your terms, reduce cycle time, and produce successful results; historically generating contract savings from 8% up to 33%.  Deep experience, proprietary technology, and a focused approach is what drives the success in generating cost containing results and more favorable contractual provisions for large employers.


Many employers do not choose to or are incapable of developing and allocating the extensive resources needed to efficiently manage multiple voluntary benefit products within a competitive voluntary program.  A recent survey found that, on average, a benefits manager at a large organization spends 22 hours each week administering benefits.  Our unique resources and experience in developing, implementing, and servicing voluntary benefit programs consistently surpasses those of traditional brokers and large consulting houses.  Custom communications, flexible enrollments, and complete post-enrollment administration are effective at reducing out of pocket costs to employees, reducing lost production time, and removing bulky administrative duties from your busy human resource professionals.  When RJC Benefits is involved in your voluntary program, rest assured that you have and will receive best in class service, best in class products, and best in class results!


By gaining an understanding of your competitive position and your benefits philosophy, we can help you set a strategic direction for the future.  Our relationship with Benefits Partners provides us with access to an integrated platform of quality products and services, including decision support resources, benefits and HR administration, compliance support, and employee services and communications.  Capitalizing on these resources, we have developed a process to better understand your company, your employees, and your unique needs.  This process solidifies our ability to deliver strong and innovative solutions for your company.